Gavin Smillie
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Reading Breath by James Nestor gave me a real thirst for more knowledge on breathwork. This led me to the Oxygen Advantage breathwork course which appealed to me due to the sports and health aspects.

My background is ex-military with 24 years of service within a physical and mentally challenging unit which has ultimately led to my involvement with Altus, a health, wellbeing and peak performance centre based just outside Salisbury, UK. At Altus, we provide floatation, infrared sauna, cold water therapy, red light therapy and Altitude Hypoxia training.

With our holistic approach we will be bringing the teachings of the Oxygen Advantage to the centre to help better and improve the breathing habits of our sports and health clients alongside our current therapies and services. Our aim is to help people fully understand their Biochemistry and Biomechanics and how to apply these practices to their daily lives.

We welcome anyone who wishes to retrain their breathing habits to help improve their health and to enhance their physical training programmes at our centre. Once they have been introduced to how to breathe naturally again, they will be as amazed as I was at how easy it is to adjust your health and outlook through the power of the breath! I wish I had the knowledge of breath when taking part in previous extreme physical assessments and courses!

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