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  • New Zealand
Introducing Gemma Douglas, a seasoned breathwork coach based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. With certifications in the Wim Hof Method, Soma Breath, Oxygen Advantage, and Pranayama, Gemma’s expertise in breathwork stems from her personal journey in managing lifelong asthma. Over the last 4 years, Gemma underwent rigorous training in various breathwork modalities, witnessing a substantial reduction in her asthma medication regimen from 730 to about 20 instances annually.

Gemma places a particular emphasis on the Oxygen Advantage, a methodology that provides quantifiable biomarkers for progress tracking. Her approach integrates tailored exercises designed to boost lung capacity, improve overall health, enhance sleep, elevate energy levels, and foster general well-being.

Residing in Hawkes Bay, Gemma extends her services through both one-on-one sessions and group workshops, catering to a diverse audience online via Zoom and in-person. Her accessibility and commitment to making breathwork accessible globally underscore her dedication to helping others experience the transformative benefits of intentional breath practices.

Beyond her focus on breathwork, Gemma also incorporates the invigorating practice of ice baths and mindset training into her holistic well-being approach. Her pragmatic and results-oriented coaching style positions her as a reliable guide for individuals seeking tangible improvements in their health and lifestyle.

For those seeking a seasoned breathwork and mindset coach with a grounded and sophisticated approach, Gemma Douglas offers a comprehensive skill set and a proven track record in facilitating positive health outcomes through intentional breath practices.

Gemma Douglas – The Conscious Project NZ

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