Genie Fay
New Zealand


  • New Zealand


In 2004, I became a yoga teacher and a massage therapist while living in Colorado, USA. This ignited my passion for learning more, and since then my practice has expanded to include things such as Bowen therapy and Reiki.  I love to learn, and have always been attracted to the human body, and it’s amazing anatomy and physiology.  Breathing has always been at the forefront of all my practices, because through experience I’ve felt how our breath connects us, can calm and relax, and aid greatly in meditation.

I had an “aha”moment recently that came as a sudden strong desire to teach people how to breathe properly. Now, with the Oxygen Advantage I am able to do this with science behind me and a professional format to provide clients with the gift of functional breathing.

I now live in Waipu, a small town in New Zealand. I teach yoga and pilates in the local community, as well as providing Bowen therapy.  I am excited to apply the Oxygen Advantage to movement for my clients, I’m happy to work with people online as well, and am open to teaching anyone who is interested in learning. I can be contacted at the email below.

*Currently I am training in Breathing for yoga with Oxygen Advantage.

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