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Hello, I’m George, a certified Functional Breathing Instructor and Personal Trainer holding a BSc in Sports Performance from the University of Bath. With a background in high-performance sports and extensive experience in wellbeing coaching, I’m deeply passionate about holistic health.

My work revolves around organizing wellbeing retreats aimed at helping individuals achieve balance in their lives. One crucial aspect often overlooked in holistic health is the breath. I am dedicated to empowering my clients to manage stress and enhance their quality of life through the transformative practice of breathwork.

Specializing in functional breathing techniques, I integrate daily breath awareness and exercises designed to significantly reduce stress, improve sleep, boost performance, and equip individuals to face life’s challenges with resilience.

My journey into breathwork began with personal stress management and performance enhancement. Discovering the Oxygen Advantage method further enlightened me to the profound impact of breathing on overall health and wellbeing.

My areas of expertise include sports performance, stress relief, sleep quality, and mental wellbeing. If you struggle with issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, stress-related concerns, performance anxiety, or sleep disturbances, I offer personalized coaching sessions, courses, and workshops. Whether in-person in Canterbury, Kent, UK, or virtually via Zoom, I am committed to guiding you through functional breathing techniques to find relief and achieve optimal health.

Let’s work together to discover your breath and restore your balance!

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