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Georgie started her breathing journey in the world of performance, however the focus wasn’t sports, having worked as a professional actress and vocalist for the majority of her adult life – she has an extensive knowledge of the skills required for presenting to a large groups of people, as well as utilising the teachings of the oxygen advantage for pre-performance preparation, physical endurance, vocal health and longevity and hyper focus. Since discovering the power of the breath, Georgie now works full time as a sports performance and breath work coach, specialising in women’s health and fitness. She trains a number of female triathletes and sports teams across the UK as well as those wanting to optimise their health and supercharge their confidence both mentally and physically.

“I like to take an inside out approach as a coach and look at the big picture, putting a wider focus on what happens both in and outside the sessions. The exercises you practice in a studio are all well and good, but if you’re lifestyle habits aren’t serving you in optimising your health and if your breathing dysfunctionally for the other 23 hours of the day, we’re not likely going to see much improvement.  Being an oxygen advantage instructor has given an incredible foundation for clients to work from, that has not only elevated their fitness, it has transformed their sleep, energy levels, ability to focus and increased their overall health and wellbeing to astounding levels – breath is foundational to just about everything we do.”

Georgie is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and works with clients on a 1-to-1 or group basis, both in person and/or via Zoom. She teaches weekly Oxygen Advantage class at the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing in Harrogate for both stress regulation and sports performance. Georgie is particularly passionate about the women’s health side of things and regularly helps her female clients learn to tailor their routines are the menstrual cycle, particularly when it comes to exercise – working WITH your body rather than against it.

To work with Georgie on a 121 or group coaching basis follow this link:

For corporate companies and help with public speaking follow this link:

You can also connect with Georgie on Instagram: @breathe_with_georgie or via email: [email protected]

Click here to listen to Georgie’s podcast, Just Breathe, all about the power of the breath:


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