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Gerald Saluti is first and foremost a student of the movement of the human body. With a background steeped in athletics, Gerald molded his passion for movement and his study of anatomy into a dedicated yoga practice. He took his first yoga class over 10 years ago and was drawn both to the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Intrigued by how yoga made him feel and in order to deepen his own practice, Gerald completed his first teacher training. He attended numerous yoga workshops, festivals, and events and eventually could not ignore his burning desire to teach yoga.

So began Gerald’s life’s work. Trained in Vinyasa yoga his teaching centers on linking breath to movement with a heavy emphasis on core engagement and the interplay between the recruitment of different muscle groups. Gerald’s classes are designed to challenge you but also leave you peaceful and serene. By pushing the body through vigorous asana, he encourages his students to connect every movement to their breath, thus unlocking mental clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing. Having discovered the Oxygen Advantage in his search to deepen his pranayama (breath) practice,Gerald now incorporates the OA techniques into his classes, training and teaching. Gerald’s clients include everything from professional athletes and major college athletic programs to private individuals.

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