Gergely Csapo
Denmark, Hungary, Portugal


  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Portugal



As a personal trainer and MovNat certified natural movement coach, I am dedicated to helping people improve their life and sports performance by refining fundamental movement patterns.

My approach to fitness revolves around a resilient, pain-free image, and practical physical competence (AKA real-life fitness) that ensures a liberating confidence in our movements and supports longevity.

Efficient breathing is key in functional movement and I found Oxygen Advantage to be the most practical evidence-based take on breathing, which integrates well into my training and coaching as well.

Currently, I am living a nomadic life in southern Europe, mostly offering online coaching on the road, and I am travelling with a climber-specific breathing workshop.

As an enthusiast climber, I’m motivated to bring Oxygen Advantage and awareness of functional breathing to the climbing community.

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