Ghada Kassab Rahy


  • Lebanon


I am Ghada Kassab Rahy, a Lebanese nasal breathing mentor and advocate. I suffered from allergies and chronic sinusitis for a long period of time, which hindered my progress in life. I took endless courses of antibiotics and cortisone-based sprays, but nothing really helped. On the contrary, my health deteriorated to the point where I started to feel depressed. It was at this point that I learned about nasal irrigation and started practicing it daily using a neti pot. As I consistently incorporated this practice into my routine, my health began to improve, and over time, I was able to stop taking medications. This positive outcome motivated me to produce and sell a high-quality adaptation of the neti pot in my country. Nasal irrigation allowed me to breathe through my nose, and the more I prioritized nasal breathing, the more my health improved. To my surprise, I also discovered that my IBS, sleep disorder, and anxiety were all related to my dysfunctional breathing. This realization led me to create an Instagram page called Exinose to raise awareness about the benefits of nasal breathing.

During my research on nasal breathing, I came across the Oxygen Advantage program, which inspired me to delve deeper into the subject of breathing from a scientific standpoint. I am proud to be the first Certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor in Lebanon. As an instructor, I now feel more confident in sharing the scientific knowledge behind functional breathing and increasing awareness about the connection between dysfunctional breathing and various illnesses. My goal is to assist people in improving their health by adopting proper breathing techniques.

I am available to work with English and Arabic-speaking clients who are eager to enhance their physical, mental, and psychological well-being. I provide instruction both online and in-person.

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