Giacomo Mecella


  • Italy



My name is Giacomo Mecella, and I was born and live in Pescara, an Italian city located by the sea. I have a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science and I am finishing my master’s degree studies to qualify as a Clinical Kinesiologist.

Already in the early years of university I started working in gyms as a coach and motor re-educator. I also work with soccer teams as an athletic trainer.

I became passionate about breathing techniques and controlling them to learn how to manage emotions and stress, I strongly believe that knowing how to manage these components leads to great benefits for everyone’s life.

I met Oxygen Advantage because I was looking for something that could enrich me and at the same time that I could incorporate in my work, in fact I use it daily with my clients and the beautiful thing is being able to provide the weapons to be able to live and face the days better.

I teach in my city (Pescara) but I am flexible and open to online classes as well. I like to work with any kind of person, from the athlete to the elderly, with kids and with people most in need. I like to connect with my clients’ stories and be able to help.

Anyone who would like to contact me can do so at [email protected] .

And don’t forget to breathe!!!

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