Giana Pantorilla


  • Australia




Giana is currently based in Melbourne Australia and offers 1:1 training and sessions both in-person and online.  

She is an island girl from the Philippines and returns to her home country regularly to keep the island life flowing. 

An Energy Healer with a medical background to lead people in experiencing the Power of Breath. Giana is an Empowerment Mentor in-training, a Registered Nurse, Reiki Practicioner and Breathwork Instructor. She speaks the language of both Science and Spiritual Intuition thus it is in her core mission to bridge Science and Spirit together and lead people in finding the centre and be grounded in this lifetime. 

Repercussions and exacerbations that dysfunctional breathing causes to an individual raised an alarm in Giana’s awareness about illnesses and ineffective lifestyle. Not knowing any of the OA principles amidst her background in Nursing even after obtaining her double Masters in Project Management and Public Health, caused her to raise the flag of awareness about breathing to the common mass; from targeting to break unhealthy generational cycle, raise individual empowerment, and improve mental health and focus.  

She is also very passionate in fitness and movement being an Everyday Athlete herself. She sees the struggle of everyone who goes in and out of the gym in an attempt to better themselves. Fuelled by this realisation, she aims to make movement a satisfying experience of self progress and not leave the gym feeling breathless; feel empowered and inspired to comeback for more by applying the OA principles and promote physical and mindset shifts.  

Simple Goals for huge waves of changes is how she wants to approach as a great contributor to this world.

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