Gjalt Vlam


  • Netherlands


Healthy breathing is the basis for a healthy life. As a breath therapist Gjalt helps you to restore and maintain a healthy way of breathing. One that serves your life and goals and the goals you’re chasing. Whether that is a physical challenge or to be on top in the boardroom.

Gjalt has a broad experience and training in breathwork types and techniques and is a big fan of Oxygen Advantage® because of its simplicity. Straightforward exercises with a powerful effect. Which will benefit your everyday life and performance.

Coming from a background in theatre and events, Gjalt knows what pressure and stress are and how to deal with them. After using the benefits of working consciously with the breath he made a switch to teaching breathwork on a full time basis – teaching and inspiring others in the power of breath. He likes to experiment and play with the techniques, to find out their power and use while pushing his boundaries as a surfer, triathlete and human being (living on water only several weeks).

Gjalt works with groups/teams and 1-on-1 sessions. Both corporate and private. Based in Bussum in The Netherlands and on location

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