Glenn Michael Chapman
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom
Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor, Himalayan Hatha Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

I have a 17-year background in the world of health and believe that no single thing is responsible for wellbeing. It is a fusion of many habits and lifestyle choices, but they all begin with the breath.

I discovered Oxygen Advantage to be a monumentally overlooked and vital foundation to everything, subsequently it has become my primary focus. One of the best things about it is that you know what’s happening to you, and you have “take home” tools to work with. The science and unique, applicable, real-time techniques have been a game changer for me. They have helped immensely with stress levels, anxiety, sleep, rhinitis, and back pain. My physical capacity and recovery have also improved.

I help various people develop realistic daily techniques that will improve health, wellbeing, and performance. If you have issues with anxiety, stress, sleep, or you want to improve your sports performance in a variety of fields, I can help.

I have a lot of experience working 1:1 and with groups.

Because of my background I can advise on many health-related subjects.

I work with variety of clients as a Breathwork Coach online and in person. Depending on the clients’ needs I will develop their practice into a tailored fusion of yoga and physical exercise that is integrated with Oxygen Advantage® techniques.

Location: Forest Row, East Grinstead, East Sussex

1:1 and group sessions Online and In-Person

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