Gosia Bochińska


  • Poland


Professionally interior designer and real estate developer.

Passion for continuous improvement made me curious and open to all new…l love creative cooking , I enthusiastically share open water swimming , running, mountain hiking and acroyoga practice with my husband and friends and made meditation my daily practice learning day by day just to be. Dreaming to make my dreams become a sustainable reality led me to strong will of finding equanimity in my life. I have been thinking of balance , but I have wanted more ,trusting hard, hard work…

Luckily my body – my best teacher- constantly demands easier ways , I have been learning from pain and returning injuries . My question always was how to move lighter, with less effort, smoother and more effective … I was thinking of MORE ….but it was all about LESS… I have started to watch the HOW of my life. I have fallen in love with Chi-Running, Total Immersion swimming and Feldenkrais lessons.

Meeting Patrick was a meaningful step in understanding that how you do anything is how you do everything in your life , and what it really means to be healthy and in good form.

I am certified instructor of Oxygen Advantage by Patrick Mc Keown , Chi-Running, Chi-Walking by Danny Dreyer and Buteyko breathing method. l live and teach in Poland , Gdynia. To accompany somebody’s journey into yourself, even for one breath ,means much to me:)

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