Graham Henry


  • Germany



Hi, I’m Graham. I relocated to Germany from the UK in 2020 and I’m based in Berlin, where I work with my wife Annette to provide education and inspiration for those who wish to improve and optimise their health.  My focus up until recently has been on plant-based nutrition. However, with the increasing interest in and awareness of the importance of how we breathe and its impact on our physical and cognitive health, I realised I could no longer ignore this and have become certified as an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor. This also fits nicely alongside Annette’s recent qualification as a Buteyko Clinic International Instructor, meaning together, we can address a range of needs related to breathing dysfunction.

I’m especially keen to work with people who wish to improve their general fitness and feel less breathlessness when they exercise. I’ve noticed how applying the Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques have made a significant difference to my own performance and would love to help others experience similar improvements. Though based in Berlin, I work internationally and deliver classes in English. I teach mainly online but am also able to arrange face to face sessions if required. I can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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