Grant Harrison


  • Norway



My name is Grant Harrison, an Australian living in Trondheim. I run my own health and motivational coaching business with focus on personal development, breathwork and movement.

I also work as a climbing coach and instructor at Trondheim Climbing club with upcoming talent and national athletes. I am currently part of the competence and development team for para-climbing with the Norwegian Climbing association.

I have been involved in coaching and personal development for the last 30+ years.
I have varied and constant educational path focusing on building broad perspectives and learning. Oxygen advantage is now an integral part of my coaching, both mental and physical.

Background: Primal health coach, Health coaching in medical practices specialist (Primal Health Coach Institute), Life Coach (Archology), Gestalt Therapy, bachelor’s in health science and have an education as a healthcare worker and have practiced Wim Hof since 2016.

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