Griffin Coombs


  • Morocco



Griffin Coombs is an Integrative Health Practitioner, breathing instructor, and fitness coach specializing in stress management and the mind-body connection. With over a decade in formal K-12 education, Griffin’s professional background has always revolved around teaching and coaching others. As an IHP, it is Griffin’s job to integrate all forms of wellness methodologies and forms of healing, and after an introduction to breathwork in 2021, he continued his deep dive into breathing and the nervous system, eventually discovering The Oxygen Advantage. Now he uses the OA method as one of his primary tools to help clients begin to overcome chronic stress and adrenal-based issues – and to help his movement-based clients improve their posture and overall fitness with breathing.

Griffin teaches both online and in person out of his private practice in Tangier, Morocco. While Griffin loves working with all types of people, those who tend to gain the most from this partnership are adults who are chronically stressed, anxious, or overtrained – and are looking for an entry point to a more balanced life.

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