Hanna Härkönen


  • Finland



Hi I’m Hanna Härkönen. I’m an entrepreneur working on the exercise and well-being field; running my own gym, coaching, keeping lectures, workshops and trainings.

I work from children to seniors. I’m certificated among other things; yoga teacher (kids too), movement&mobility coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, mental coach, relaxation coach. My main focus is on bodyweight training: Movement, yoga, parkour, Movementstick, pole dance, calisthenics – but I always add mental coaching and breathwork in my classes. I work with both groups and individuals.

Functional breathing has become a big focus point in my teachings and our customers (especially seniors between 65 to 85 years-old) has made huge progress in their health after the breathwork I have added.

I teach both face to face and online. Our gym is located at Etelä-Pohjanmaa Jalasjärvi Finland but I travel a lot.

Clients can contact me through my email, website or social media, all listed below.

My gym: https://www.instagram.com/movementjalasjarvi/

YouTube: MoveWithHanna

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