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Hannah is a human who has lived a varied life whilst managing, recovering and learning from 10+ years of chronic fatigue.  How she lives her life, engages with and guides others comes from these learnings.  She has taught personal training, Pilates, facilitates breath work and raced as an amateur triathlete. During her time in PT and triathlons was when she discovered she had chronic fatigue.  Through this experience she researched and learnt about the mind, body and nervous system to help her recovery, and this is when she found breath work.  After 10+ years of CFS and two slipped discs Hannah really started to slow down, be kinder to herself and solidify this understanding of the body from a holistic standpoint. Her main focus now is educating and guiding people on the importance of their breath for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  

Hannah is also a graduate of Alan Dolan’s Breath Guru, trained in conscious connected breathing to help bring emotional and spiritual release to the body. She combines this with functional breath work from Oxygen Advantage to help people have a full spectrum approach to breathing and to their entire being.   

Although anyone can benefit from breath release and breath control her work is specifically focused on long covid, CFS/ME and helping people rebalance their nervous systems through breath and embodiment.  As a member of the Queer Community Hannah also creates a safe space for those who identify as Queer.  Hannah now runs workshops and 1-1s in the Brighton and Hove area where she lives, or online, and can be frequently found sea swimming off the shores of Hove. 

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