Hans Deprez


  • Belgium

My name is Hans Deprez, born in 1972 in Izegem, Belgium.

My life’s journey has been a diverse blend of experiences and passions that have significantly influenced my path and shaped who I am today.

I started as an aspiring gymnast but a major injury at 16 redirected my path towards coaching. At the age of 21, I transitioned from competitive sports to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer.

In 2012, I founded an international trading company, leading to extensive global travel with 80 to 160 flights annually to meet partners and clients. During these travels, I discovered a passion for running and yoga, eventually undertaking a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2021.

During this period, I encountered James Nestor’s “The Science of a Lost Art” and Patrick McKeown’s “Oxygen Advantage,” revealing the incredible power of breath, grounded in science.
Integrating these insights into my life became a source of resilience, prompting the launch of “LifeLive, Move by Breath.” This venture aims to assist individuals in mastering the art of breathing and movement.

My extensive travels have provided invaluable insights into life management, which I’m eager to share with fellow entrepreneurs, from CEOs to frequent travelers, professional athletes to enthusiasts.

Anyone with the drive to improve and reach their goals is welcome to join the Live Life community. I offer one-on-one, group, and corporate sessions, ensuring that this transformative journey is accessible to all.

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Life Live
Waregem, Belgium

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