Harriet Ruddy
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Hi, I’m Harriet! Having trained in Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko and with the Conscious Breathing Institute, it really is a privilege to share functional breathing and all its benefits with the wider community. I am based in Warwickshire and London.

I teach 1-1 and group sessions to varying age groups and abilities, in person and via zoom. Increasingly I work with school children, helping them understand how to manage their nerves and stress, particularly when exams are looming. I wish I’d been taught how to breathe properly at school!

I was lucky enough to come across breath work in my twenties, when I was suffering from panic attacks and I was able to cure myself with the help of a homeopath at the time. But it wasn’t until I was able to help my own child who struggles with ADHD that I came full circle to breath work again and was reminded of its real power.

I passionately believe that health starts with the breath and it is humbling to be able to help people find awareness of their breathing and watch them improve and often transform their health once they have connected with their own, free and life giving tool.

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