Heather Ling Medeiros


  • Canada



Heather is not your typical registered dental hygienist! She thinks flossing is overrated and is a lover of stain causing food and drinks! 

Frustrated with conventional dentistry’s approach of just treating the symptoms, Heather decided to go independent and embraced a whole health approach to helping people improve their oral health and love their smiles.

Her beyond the floss philosophy helps her clients, both in her clinic and online practice, build a strong oral health foundation by getting back to the basics.

And what is more fundamental than healthy breathing?

Heather is a certified Pause Breathwork facilitator (meditative Breathwork) and Oxygen Advantage Functional breathing instructor and uses her two decades of dental hygiene experience to help her clients eat, sleep and breathe their way to a healthy and happy smile!

Contrary to popular belief, not flossing enough is not the cause of dental issues!

Tooth and gum disease indicates a problem with the health of the saliva, an imbalance of the oral microbiome and inflammation.

Healthy breathing (not flossing more;) is key to improving all of those things!

You can work with Heather in person or worldwide online with 1:1 and group programs helping people reduce the risk of sensitive teeth, cavities, receding gums and jaw pain so that they love their smile and save time and money at the dentist!

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