Helen Ryan


  • Ireland



Hi, my name is Helen Ryan from Thurles Co Tipperary, Ireland. I trained as a physical therapist in the institute of physical therapy Ireland and graduated in 2018. Following on from graduation my qualifications was approved by the CORU Registered Physiotherapist board.

Having worked as a Sports injury therapist since 2005 my passion for the human body is ever evolving. I spent 12 years working pitch side and witnessed many a sports person developing sports induced Asthma. I myself am Asthmatic, having been diagnosed as an infant when I was 2 years old. I grew up on medication and as a child the inhaler was my best friend. It was my own issues with Asthma which lead me to discover Oxygen Advantage in 2019 and I’ve never looked back. I no longer have an asthma inhaler as they are no longer needed in my life and exercise is something I now actively practise and enjoy.

I trained as a Pilate’s instructor in 2019 and combining the Oxygen Advantage and teaching Pilates has opened my passion for treating the body as a unit and not in Isolation.

I look forward to teaching workshops and offering Oxygen Advantage in my clinic.

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