Helena Szekeres
Czech Republic


  • Czech Republic


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For more than twenty years, the unification of opposite principles – the left and right hemispheres – has appealed to me. I am interested in using the full potential of a person. This guided me in the selection of techniques I chose for my work.

From the world of performance, I have a career in elite sports, studies in economics, work in senior management, coaching training and experience as a coach. From a holistic perspective, I have been working with deep techniques for working with stress for twenty years. These techniques are mainly from the One Brain – 3in1 Concepts kinesiology concept. I completed my training at the constellation school with Arnold and Eva Polivka (Austria). My education also includes meditation training with world-renowned teachers.

I use the synthesis of this practice and experience as a facilitator in individual client work. I conduct 3in1 concepts courses and work in a corporate environment within the framework of programs for team regeneration.

I have been dealing with the power of breathing techniques for many years. We included Oxygen Advantage in our company LaMaLa, which covers the activities described above, for its effectiveness, medical basis and modern concept of breath in connection with mind and health. It perfectly complements our techniques.

We organize functional breathing courses for the public. We are developing cooperation with ENT doctors on courses for children and parents. We include Oxygen Advantage techniques in corporate programs.

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