Hrvoje Filipčić


  • Croatia



Hrvoje Filipčić is a Member of Buteyko Professionals International. He obtained a Diploma in Buteyko Breathing Method from Patrick McKeown and is a certified master instructor in Oxygen Advantage® program.

Hrvoje is also a pilates and yoga instructor according to the program verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.

He is recreational freediver and has a status of Advanced Freediver (PSS).

His own problems with breathing from his earliest childhood pushed him to seek a solution for them, and quite early in his life he encountered teachers and classical exercises of the Indian and later the Russian school of breathing. Hrvoje transferred his 30 years of experience in practicing breathing techniques to work with adults and children in order to facilitate a wide range of problems that can be effectively influenced by breathing and psychophysiological relaxation exercises.

Hrvoje is the owner of the website and he published Patrick’s bestseller The Oxygen Advantage in order to promote awareness of proper and effective breathing in his homeland, either to improve the quality of life of an individual or to improve performance in sports and the corporate milieu.

During his professional career, he held managerial position and published articles on professional topics for magazine related to management and finance.

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