Hugo van Calker


  • Netherlands


Breathing is highly underestimated. Did you know that just like eating too much you can breathe too much? When you do, this impacts your energy levels, your performance and even how you feel! Thanks to the Oxygen Advantage® training, I can show you how to breathe and offer you numerous techniques and strategies which will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Based in Amsterdam, Hugo delivers Shiatsu therapy and teaches Qigong since 1998.

Hugo and his partner have been offering detox retreats in the Algarve since 2005. During the retreats Hugo teaches aqua fitness and Qigong, is a walking coach and provides Shiatsu treatments.

“Providing guidance in healthy behaviour is a passion. The Oxygen Advantage® program and its scientifically backed techniques are a perfect addition to my practice as a therapist. If you know what to focus attention on, you can train anything.”

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