Huon Feitscher


  • Australia


I’ve been working in the industries of Martial Arts, health and fitness and movement for 30 years, 

I have been trained under many teachers who have contributed to my growth both professionally and personally, including Pavel Tsatsouline who bought kettlebells to the fitness world. Ido Portal who brought the practice of being a generalist mover to the world. 

I use an integrated approach to my bodywork practice including myofascial cupping, gua sha, myotherapy, physical assessment. 

I bring a lifetime of education and experience to my personal training practice and I customise each clients program to their Individual needs and goals. I work with a broad range of people on a one to one basis as well as holding workshops for groups and professionals. I offer professional training in kettlebells, movement, corrective exercise to the public and exercise and health professionals. 

I am a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and am passionate about teaching the three pillars the method; breath work, cold exposure, commitment. In teaching the WHM I came to see there are many people that breathe dysfunctionally, my search continued. 

I found Patrick McKeown and have become a certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor. 

I am excited to share my knowledge of these practices with my clients and witness their transformation into the best possible version of themselves. 

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