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A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has had the pleasure of working with Olympic level athletes, professional sports teams, adapted athletes and grass roots players in a wide variety of sports over the past 20+ years (i.e fencing, rowing, surfing, basketball, football, rugby, weightlifting, MMA, boxing to name a few). Throughout my career I have also been able to apply my knowledge and skills of working with athletes to helping weekend warriors and sedentary people develop their physical function and prowess.

I am currently the programme leader and senior lecturer for a degree level programme in the south-west of England teaching strength and conditioning, sports therapy and sports rehabilitation, as well as other courses such as personal training and gym instructing. I have recently become certified as an Animal Flow Instructor and am currently undertaking certification in Applied Movement Neurology.

My interest in breathing exercises partly comes from my own passion of surfing and how efficient movement and respiration are two of the most important underpinning factors that can influence the biopsychosocial development of every single person.

I am interested in working online or face-to-face with anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, physical and mental function, and/or sports performance through 1-1 or groups sessions in breathwork, strength and conditioning, personal training, functional movement, corrective exercise, bespoke programme design, or guest speaking and consultancy.

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