Ignacio Cuevillas
Costa Rica


  • Costa Rica

Blessed present moment everyone. I came to OA with a background on other styles of parasympathetic breathing practiced on a day-to-day basis, also from an extense experience in sports and performance from being a Karate athlete for the national team of Costa Rica for over 5 years. Just finished all the classes of a Psychology Bachelor’s degree, so working with people who are going through therapeutic processes, including the use of natural medicines, is of high value because on how powerful, efficient, easy and loving is to integrate concious breathing. Also have a background on corporate-way-of-life so applying the breath in everyday situations, according to the client’s triggers and busy life is very nice to asses, with strong results. I share about the breath face-to-face and on virtual platforms. English and Spanish fluently spoken.

Love breathwork, nature, fresh air and sun in my skin. 

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