Ingrid Le Prou
New Zealand


  • New Zealand



Hi, I’m Ingrid and I am a Yoga & Breathwork teacher.

My passion is holistic health & wellness and guiding clients with Yoga/functional movement, breathwork & health coaching to achieve vibrant health & wellness.

I have been teaching Yoga for over 20 years, and have done numerous ongoing study into Pranayama/meditation and breathwork over the last 10 years.

The science of breathwork continues to fascinate me, and completing this advanced training has been fundamental in my own health journey.  I often found myself breathless, feeling like I couldn’t get enough breath in and often felt worse after doing breathwork!
Which didn’t make sense to me…..until I did this training.  Life changing!

I am back into running, while only nose breathing and using these techniques during yoga has helped me tune in to my body more.

It has enabled me to understand and support clients better with breathing issues and achieving their wellness goals by changing their breathing habits.

The way we breathe impacts our whole life, and I enjoy sharing this wisdom with anyone who is interested in optimal health & wellbeing.

I run regular workshops and courses for individuals & businesses and work with clients 1 on 1.

I live in Warkworth, New Zealand and teach in person and online.

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