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After 20 years flying high as a flight attendant living a stressful life with two kids, Irja realized it was time to “land” and follow her heart and gut feeling- make yoga a living. A risky but successful decision, and she has since 2014 taught yoga with dedication and enthusiasm.

Sports and physical training have always been important In Irja’s life, but the search for more than just physical training and lifestyle change led her on to the slow path towards yoga. During both her pregnancies she used yoga and breathing techniques to help through physical pain and mental challenges. Through Irja’s personal experience with the effects of yoga, breath and meditation, she sought more knowledge. The introduction to Ashtanga yoga in 2009 with its demanding dynamic series of postures, became an immediate passion. She e experienced more consciousness about the body and mind, feeling increased energy, concentration and peace of mind. Yoga and meditation became a daily practice and a tool to cope with everyday challenges.

In 2014 Irja completed her first of many Teacher Trainings within yoga, as a 200 hrs. RYT yoga TT Ashtanga instructor. She also acquired TT within kids yoga, anatomy training, Mediyoga, Yoga and Mindfulness yoga, strength yoga and Pre and post natal yoga.

The importance of breathing “on the mat” has always been emphasized to her many students, but it was not until attending the OA breathing course with the enthusiasm and knowledge of Patrick McKeown, she understood the importance of functional breathing at all times, always and not only on the yoga mat.

Combining her yoga practice with an understanding of functional anatomy, she has found a new passion: the breath.

Irja is self employed, running a yoga studio in Oslo. With a deep respect and appreciation for the body-mind connection and how functional breath links physical and mental performances, she looks forward to meet people who are interested in reaching their fuller potential through commitment and breath. Irja is highly motivated to pass on the important knowledge about functional breathing and will integrate it in her yoga classes, as well as private one to one and online teachings.

Her main objective will be teaching kids and teens who struggle with anxiety, sleeping disorders and other challenges in this very challenging times of Corona.
Breath by breath

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