Isaac Mullins
Portugal, United Kingdom


  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom


Isaac began his enquiry into the power of the breath through the exploration of Hatha Yoga in 1997. Following a professional dancing career with the Royal Ballet, in 2005 he dedicated his life to teaching yoga full-time.

Isaac has explored an eclectic mix of techniques in the pursuit of correct and optimal breathing– from the rigorous discipline of Hatha yoga, to the icy waters of Wim Hof where he became an instructor in Wim’s method in 2017.

Isaac’s experience with the Buteyko method has been nothing short of remarkable. Through regular practice, the Buteyko method not only offered Isaac a deeper sense of relaxation but also gave him a greater degree of control over his body’s response to stress.

Motivated to help others find the same level of contentment, presence, and vitality that Isaac has gained through a deep connection with his breathing, he became certified as an Oxygen Advantage teacher.

Since teaching this technique, Isaac has witnessed how it has helped his students to face life’s challenges with clarity and composure, offering them the gift of inner strength, resilience and health, whilst aiding them to tap into a wellspring of vitality they never knew they had.

Isaac has a variety of online and in-person clients from those who are looking to heal their bodies and minds from physiological and psychological conditions to olympic athletes looking to optimise their performance.

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