Isabel Gylling


  • Norway


  • OSLO

My name is Isabel, I work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. My breath-journey truly began when icebathing during the early lockdown of 2020 in the Oslo fjord, Norway.

I soon found the Oxygen Advantage and knew that this was the breathing method for me. Since early 2021 I run online breathing courses to the general public and those with a special interest. The focus is on a combination of a solid theoretical understanding with lots of practical experience and exercises, in addition to a greater overall awareness of the breath.

I also work with yogateachers (and run workshops for yoga teacher-trainings) to give yoga teachers a deeper understanding of the breath from a Western perspective.

My wish is that everyone gets an opportunity to better understand ones breath and be given the tools to improve its quality.

I teach in Norwegian, Swedish and English.

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