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My path is one of service. When I help you live your best life I am living my best life. I’m a breath coach, life coach and yoga teacher, teaching these disciplines independently and integrated together. Optimal breathing is the foundation of vitality and focus, and it’s often a neglected aspect of our life and health. I teach breathwork in two main ways:

Firstly, micro practices to be used throughout the day to retrain your natural breathing to be efficient. This also gently puts on the breaks for stresses that may be building up.

Secondly, I teach deeper dive practices to use as a complete reset, often using sequences of fun and interesting variations on the essential Breathe Light Oxygen Advantage methodology.

I blend western understanding of the breath with ancient eastern practices which still prove to be effective. I tend to work with people who have an interest in spirituality, yet I am able to adapt my style to meet you where you are. Most of my breath clients come to me in order to better manage stress levels and connect with their hidden calm true nature within.

Common feedback is “I always feel better after a session with Isabel”, and longer term benefits are clear too.

I am based in West London and work with clients both face-face and online.

To empower and support you to establish your self-guided practices, I have created Breath Cards which describe numerous practices in a non digital form, facilitating a digital detox at the same time. Explore your inner powers to transform energy!

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