Ivana Cingelova
Scotland, Slovakia


  • Scotland
  • Slovakia


Hello, my name is Ivana and I am based in Edinburgh.

I have over 20 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutritional coach, healthy lifestyle counsellor, behaviour modification specialist and clinical exercise prescription instructor. I am the co-founder and a coach at Fit2Shine, a women’s health, fitness and well-being community. I am also the founder of YoungAthlete-Diary coaching program for children and teenagers in recreational and pro youth sport.

I was a habitual mouth breather and being very active, living very busy lifestyle, this combination was a recipe for disaster. I suffered a number of health and performance issues due to this. Once I started restoring functional breathing through Oxygen Advantage everything started to change. I now receive high quality sleep throughout the night, I get up in the morning and am full of energy and not exhausted like I was before every single day. I don’t have continuous back pains, sciatica pains and my whole body is not overworked but recovered well. I have slowed down as I am not running on adrenaline and stress hormones any more. I feel great, I feel stronger, I perform better and I am in present moment thanks to my functional breath.

I strongly believe that functional breathing is the missing pillar of health and performance and that functional breathing alongside different breath exercises can massively help improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children, teenagers and adults.

I also believe in: Train well and smart, being a healthy athlete not a broken one, physically or mentally, pro or recreational athlete, child, teenager, adult or senior. I offer personal or group trainings in Breath for Health and Performance in monthly blocks for adults, young athletes or active individuals. I do corporate sessions. I teach Breath for Health and Fitness classes at Fit2Shine.

Breath is free, breath is with you all the time, so use it well and get oxygen advantage.

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