Jacek Małkiewicz


  • Poland



My name is Jack. I’m personal trainer with 12 years of experience. I started my adventure with sport from karate kyokushin and finished after few year’s. Then I switched to football, which I am continuously playing a few times per week.

During my soccer path one of our trainer provided strength training in our routine and after sometime I started to see visual changes in my body. So, I started to digging more into strength training and I finished professional course after some time. During those years I was adding specific specializations such as massage, functional patterns, mobility training and few other more. And that how I found OA method and said to myself – I need to make it!

Now breathing is the foundation of my principal to training. I’m working mostly with persons who need to lose weight, built some muscle mass and want to improve stamina/conditioning. I would like to teach people how to properly breath during their life. I’m providing concept to help people.

I teach online as well as face to face.

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