Jack Forrester


  • Australia


Performance Coach from Scotland, based in Melbourne, Australia. I currently work with clients both online and in person.

My background is in Strength and Conditioning, Energy System Development and training for Team Sports. Having started out as a Personal trainer coaching clients towards body transformations. I have also spent time studying Program Design, Nutrition, and Biomechanics.

I help young and busy professionals improve their health and performance, alongside busy work and social schedules. Education is a huge part of my coaching practice, I like to help clients understand WHY they are doing something, creating autonomy.

I’m passionate about helping the population as a whole improve their understanding of what Health & Wellbeing is, how that can be related to high performance and why it’s achievable for everyone.

After practicing the oxygen advantage methods to improve my own health and gain an edge in performance, I had to become certified as an instructor. Since sharing my practices as an instructor, the results and feedback from clients have been a huge success.

Prescribing the oxygen advantage breathing practices have helped my clients build resilience, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus and concentration and strengthen both aerobic and anaerobic performance.

A favorite practice of my clients is Diaphragmatic breathing, following a 4:6 breathing cadence.

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