Jack McMillan
Austria, United Kingdom


  • Austria
  • United Kingdom


My background is in professional football, where I competed for several years in England whilst incorporating breathwork and yoga into my daily practice for recovery and mindfullness. I then founded OptimaYoga, as a Yoga, Breathwork and meditation space for athletes and high-performance individuals. I incorporate mindful movement practices through Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Oxygen Advantage and traditional Breath-work techniques and guided meditations. I started incorporating breathwork for performance when playing but it was only until after I stopped playing that I explored deeper and started integrating Oxygen Advantage practices to my clients and for personal use with great effect!

I teach remotely online across the world and in person in the East Midlands of England and in Vorarlberg and Vienna in Austria. I deliver all my sessions in English. I love working with individuals, teams and businesses who have the drive and commitment to better themselves through alternative methods who appreciate the finer details in their career/development. This normally includes high performers and athletes across all sports, and I have been lucky enough to work with Olympic athletes preparing for Paris 2024.

Future clients can join OptimaYoga by contacting me through any of the details below.

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