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On the path to wellbeing, we continuously discover extraordinary tools of modern science, the allopathic, coexisting with thousands of years of human experience, the ancient traditional methods. As a teacher I like to share the ancient traditions from the east with scientifically proven methods of health and well-being techniques from the west. It is clear in this fast-paced changing world we need simple techniques that offer fast results with the knowledge of someone who has done all the hard work for you.

With over 1500 contact hours, with yoga masters & teachers across the globe, traveling the world for 16 years, teaching cross cultural awareness for Emirates and Etihad airlines, many workshops, yoga, sound, and breath therapy training combined with 25 years of personal practice including Vipassana and Buddhist meditation techniques I can honestly say I have done all the hard work for you.

Combining my yoga practice with an understanding of functional anatomy, I have found my passion in the breath. Through breathing techniques my clients reduce stress and nurture their body and spirit, my breath classes provide an understanding of the anatomy of breathing, recognising, and removing the habits that hinder efficient breathing, stretching for the diaphragm and experiencing different breathing practices to a happier, healthier work and home life.

My client’s investment in their own health is time that repays itself tenfold with warmth, enjoyment, and nurturing, as well as body strengthening and relaxation. My goal is to continually learn and advance my knowledge, immersing myself in new trainings, manuals, and texts as I continue to be fascinated by the human body, mind, and soul. My classes and private sessions are about sharing this energy to promote health, peace, and balance whilst making strength, stability, mobility & flexibility of body & mind, accessible for all to achieve peace & clarity to thrive in daily life!

Over my many years of education, training, and personal practice I have had the privilege to work with world-renowned contemporary yoga masters, teachers & authors. These include The Mohans, Max Strom, Louisa Sear, Rose Baudin, Emil Wendel, Peter Hess, Christopher Harrison, Dr Itai Ivtzan, Janice Clarfield, Dr Richard Miller and Renae Stevens and now Patrick McKeown.

To all these amazing people I thank you for inspiring me, it gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge of the body, breath, and mind with others so they can also develop and reach their own true potential.

Jacklyn Bengtsson – Yoga Instructor and owner – Enerchi the art of healing

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