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Dr. Jake Wright DO is an Advanced Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage working now as a breathwork coach. An AHPRA accredited Osteopath and DNS practitioner, he is on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.

Having initiated his breathwork journey at 12 with the help of his father who was at the time on a spiritual journey fighting a long battle with cancer, as well as through his extensive travel through Asia, and living amongst different cultures observing the uses of the breath and spirituality he decided to adapt his clinical practice to involve these teachings. Helping to shape and mould his passion for helping others to change the way they breathe to improve the way they feel, move and perform.

He believes in breathwork there is something for everyone, Jake works with clients who are looking at overcoming stress-related conditions and who are needing to rework their life into a more optimal direction, towards success, clarity, health and mental abundance. Jake knows how your breath can impact all areas of our body and mind, which is why I’m so passionate about helping people use breathwork to fulfil their true potential. Having felt the benefits personally, Jake is on a mission to share it with all.

Most of his sessions, workshops or Masterclass combine his knowledge together in a very flexible way. Before being able to work on performance (resilience, flow effect, negative/positive self-talk) or fast recovery (breathing exercise, cold exposure, body hacking), his work tends to usually target his clients or patients general wellbeing as a starting baseline.
Jake is the Founder of:

  • Show Up: A community NGO teaching to hundreds weekly across the globe breathwork and cold exposure with the adage to show up for themselves
  • Centre Movement: A wellness clinic in Barcelona, Spain. Using a wide range of modalities to help achieve optimal health for all.

He travels Spain, Australia & Europe to give courses, retreats and workshops on Breathwork, Oxygen Advantage, movement culture and Osteopathy.

Contact him easily via social or email.

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