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Jakub Gontarski


Jakub Gontarski is a graduate of the Wrocław Stunt School of “Film Stunt 13” and an instructor of physical recreation with a specialization in self-defence (by Academic Sports Association – Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw). Certified individual trainer and movement trainer under the direction of Steve Maxwell (USA). Certified Instructor Oxygen Advantage® and Buteyko breathing training instructor in cooperation with Master-Patrick G. McKeown and Master Peter Lakatos. Jakub combines the most important essences and messages taken from the experience of martial arts, sport and physical dance. Inspired by the philosophy of the movement of Steve Maxwell, Ido Portal and Jozef Fruck – “Fighting Monkey” (with which he had the opportunity to work during intensive group and individual sessions), Steve Paxton (creator of Contact Improvisation) and many others. Steve Maxwell is his personal mentor and supervisor. As a 4-year-old, he trained gymnastics and acrobatics. He practiced martial arts for several years: Japanese judo and Brazilian capoeira (in Brazil and many European countries). He trains boxing, BJJ, he swims, runs and climbs. He is inspired in the motor and mechanics of the body and the processes of its integration and adaptation. He was educated by outstanding teachers from Poland and abroad in the field of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and partnering. He cooperates with the Grotowski Institute as part of the BodyConstitution research program and Actor’s Atelier (educational program). He is a co-organizer of the Wrocław CYRKULACJE Festival and the Planet Kids project. President of the “Momentum” Creative Initiatives Association. He cooperates with the Krzyżowa Foundation and many social organizations.

Main training categories: warm-up and body preparation for training, exercises to reduce the risk of injury, mobility and statics, varied rhythm, loads and motor trajectories, balance maintaining balance – imbalance, dynamics, momentum, strength, delicacy, flow, spatial orientation and body spatial awareness, falls, body shock absorbing techniques, pads, interactive games stimulating our perceptiveness, cleverness and bodily relationship, exercises stimulating reflexes, reaction speed “timing”, exercises broadening our perception (with different perspectives of the kinesfer), work on one’s own weight and partnership, risk zone, limited comfort, trust and lack of trust, boundaries and their conscious crossing, basics of self-defence, strong and flexible body structure, energy and expression potential, exercises compensatory, stretching and stimulation of anatomical tapes, breathing techniques (Oxygen Advantage® and Buteyko Method) restoring physiological homeostasis, strengthening internal organs, diaphragm muscle and regulating body pressure and oxygenated organism, psychosomatic relaxation of tension.

Individual workshops and group trainings are addressed the people of different ages, having (or not) different training experiences and occupation. I cooperate with martial arts, sportsmen and women, dancers and physical theatre enthusiasts. Trainings are also dedicated to those who want to start their first adventure with physical training. They are dedicated to everyone who wants to discover new tools of their psycho-physical development that will improve the overall psycho-physical state of the body.

I lead group workshops and individual classes in :
Poland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Brazil and others

Email: [email protected]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOw0dPhtztwspdzqMsswxKw/videos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestringofthebody/