Jakub Melíšek
Czech Republic


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I´m a trainer and movement enthusiast based in Brno, Czech Republic.

My journey in physical training as a trainer started in 2015 when I have opened my first training group. Since then, I continuously work on my practice. I´m not a certificate collector so I try to choose wisely what can improve my clients and myself.

My goal is to improve client’s performance on many levels. In my practice I combine strength and conditioning practice with movement practice (I was certified in FMS and GFM) and I´m also using functional breathing (DNS – Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Kolar).

My other passions are martial arts (BJJ, Grappling) which brought me to Oxygen Advantage. Because I have realized that it´s just not about how we breath (functional breathing), but also how much we work with the breath itself. That was the missing point in my practice.

Since then, I decide to get deeper into breathing practice, so I choose the Oxygen Advantage method. Also, I started to focus more on relaxation and stress relief with using the Indian Clubs. I see a great synergy in breathing and physical training and that´s the reason why I adopt Oxygen Advantage exercises in my common practice.

I prefer to work in person with Czech and English-speaking clients, because I strongly believe that direct contact can´t be substitute via online platform.

Contact Information: Clients can contact me via e-mail or website.

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