James Millen


  • Australia


Whilst searching for ways to quieten some unhelpful inner chatter, and to enjoy more of life’s present moments, James found the answer literally right under his nose. The experience of one breathwork session sparked amazement, which became fascination and passion. That path has led to James’s graduation from Breathing Space’s 400-hour Breathwork training programme, and certification as an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing instructor.

James’s breath coaching is built on the superpower that we can change our physical and mental states just by changing the way we breathe. By drawing on his range of lived experience (from high-level endurance sport, public performance, corporate and work environments, to the daily 21st century chaos of being a father, partner and fallible organic human) James deeply understands how we can often feel like our bodies and minds are underperforming – even conspiring against us. James’s mission is to teach simple, research-supported, accessible, non-disruptive ways that we can achieve immediate and long-term improvements in real-life ways by working with the way we breathe: a tool that is available to us about 1,000 times every hour.

James integrates the Oxygen Advantage approach into a broad range of sessions and programs. James can run sessions to help develop a foundation of healthy, efficient, beneficial functional breathing, and tailor more specialised sessions for stress & anxiety management, health improvement, sports performance or inner-exploration and self-development.

James teaches in-person sessions to individuals or groups in the Perth and Margaret River regions of Western Australia, and is available for online sessions to the rest of the world.

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