Jamie Piggins
New Zealand


  • New Zealand



Jamie is a Professional Fireman with the New Zealand Fire Service, he is a triathlete and multi-sport athlete. Jamie has recently entered the world of training fellow firefighters and athletes in functional and performance breathing to optimize recovery, focus and peak athletic achievement.

I started to implement specific breath training in the build up to the Xterra off-road Triathlon World Champs in 2019, the Oxygen Advantage techniques not only helped me with my own personal performance but in all other aspects of life. It gave me the ability to recover faster, sleep better, delay fatigue and think with more clarity in highly stressful situations.
Growing up I had chronic asthma and was often hospitalized because it, and up until last year I had a constant stuffy nose from allergies. Both of these detrimental conditions are now a distant memory and I feel like I have been given a new lease on life.

Helping people close to me change themselves has made me realize how powerful the breath is.

Performance Breathing NZ is based in Piha, Auckland but we are happy to come to you for 1-1 training or group workshops.

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