Jamie Sangster


  • Australia



My background in the people industry teaching health started about 8 years ago facilitating your typical boot camps and exercising people. I found myself loving learning and coaching specific modalities of S&C including strongman, Crossfit, Powerlifting, and Olympic lifting.

From these modalities, I found mentors and began to see deeper than the exercise and surface-level objectives. I wanted to learn more about the inner human and why they wanted to exercise. 

I am a big believer in “getting to know yourself before you can understand others”. So I learned about myself first and how to overcome many health challenges including but not limited to Raynauds, bed wetting, weight fluctuations, mental health challenges, and disordered eating patterns. I then discovered breath work through YT like many doing WHM, this highlighted that the breath is indeed the language of the nervous system.

Since that day 3years ago I have continued to deepen my knowledge and be fascinated with breathwork which is what pulled me to OA and the amazing benefits it has to offer the world.

Now I have been educated by many leaders in the breathwork space but OA is at the absolute core of everything I teach whether that be coaches, athletes, high performers or everyday humans.

Teaching people to breathe in such a way that the human will be able to regulate the nervous system, reach higher peaks and come out of the lowest low to enter states of flow is what I am passionate about sharing.

I am based out of Canberra, ACT Australia. You can contact me via, please allow a couple of days for response as this currently isn’t my full time role.

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