Jan Kužel
Czech Republic


  • Czech Republic


I am a seasoned self-defense and strength conditioning instructor, boasting over a decade of expertise in Krav Maga (KMG instructor) and extensive training in StrongFirst kettlebell, bodyweight, and barbell techniques. Located in Kutná Hora, Czechia, I oversee a dynamic training club named Respekt Gym where I offer diverse classes aimed at empowering individuals of all ages through Krav Maga self-defense methods and personalized strength and conditioning programs.

My journey into incorporating the Oxygen Advantage (OA) methodology into my training regimen commenced several years ago, driven by a quest to enhance the practicality and effectiveness of self-defense techniques. The OA approach, emphasizing optimal breathing patterns, breath control, and respiratory efficiency, seamlessly complements my training philosophy, fostering a holistic approach to physical and mental conditioning. As a certified OA instructor, I am committed to imparting these invaluable techniques to my students, enriching their training experience and overall well-being.

I conduct both face-to-face and online training sessions, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for a diverse range of participants. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities that support various training modalities, my facility provides an ideal environment for individualized coaching and group classes alike.

I am deeply passionate about working with individuals who are eager to learn and dedicated to enhancing their physical and mental resilience. Whether you’re a novice seeking to master the fundamentals of self-defense, a parent interested in equipping your children with invaluable life skills, or an experienced athlete aiming to optimize performance through efficient breathing techniques, I offer a supportive and empowering space to help you achieve your goals.

For the latest updates on classes and insightful tips, connect with me on email [email protected] or Instagram jan_kuzel. Join me on this transformative journey to not only enhance your self-defense prowess but also to cultivate a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

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