Jane Easly, MEd, CSCS
United States of America


  • United States of America



Jane is an exercise physiologist and strength & conditioning specialist whose innovative vision is a synergy of high performance strength and conditioning programming, therapeutic movement, mobility, yoga and breathwork.

She is a true educator and strives to instill a sense of self-awareness and responsibility in her clients, so that they can be active participants in their own fitness and health.

With more than three decades of elite training experience, advanced degrees in Exercise Science, and certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells, Peak Performance, and Yoga, she has devoted her life to coaching others in movement and strength grounded in a holistic approach to well being.

Having had the opportunity to explore many different modes of breathwork, Jane has chosen to focus her practice on the science backed work of Patrick Mckeown – Oxygen Advantage. The practical and easily incorporated techniques have produced dramatic results. She has seen significant improvements in her collegiate athletes as well as in clients with anxiety, insomnia and even status post open heart surgery.

Jane is based out of her studio in Chagrin Falls, OH USA where she coaches both in person and remote. She has had vast experience working with athletes and master’s athletes, but welcomes all levels of individuals motivated to improving their lives through health and fitness. 

All of her programs are based on cutting edge, pain free training methodologies and are personally overseen with acute attention and designed to enhance all aspects of health, performance and longevity.

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