Jarrod Briffa


  • Australia



Jarrod’s pursuit to discover his abilities as a freediving athlete led him to the world of breathwork back in 2015.  Since then he has tested out many different breathwork approaches on himself as he strives to develop the awareness that will help him hold his breath longer.  When holding your breath for the longest time is the aim it helps to have an intimate understanding of what is happening in the body and how your breathing impacts that.  Oxygen Advantage is the most comprehensive and scientifically supported program that Jarrod has found and that is why he became an instructor and teaches its fundamental practices to his clients.   

With a desire to help others realise their hidden potential and the power of their breath Jarrod established Drifters Freediving in 2022 teaching courses from beginner to advanced.  The Oxygen Advantage approach provides complimentary teachings for his freediving students and helps his non-freediving clients develop functional breathing patterns to support them during exercise, times of stress and rest.

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