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Hello my name is Jason Campbell, I live in and work from Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I have been a martial artist for well over 30 years.  I have competed in Karate, Tea Kwon do, jujitsu, Kick boxing, Pancrase and MMA, and have won my fair share of awards.  I have been an instructor for about 20 years though now retired.  I am a marathon runner and Obstacle racer, such as the Spartan and Tuff Mudder.  I am a fitness trainer.  In 2004 I graduated from the Canadian College of Hypnotherapy and worked with Dr Woodrow and Dr Yakowar focusing on relief of chronic pain.  During my later years of martial arts I began to focus on meditation and breathing techniques, which brought me to the practice of the Wim Hoff Method and then finally to the Oxygen Advantage were I decided to get my Advanced Instructors Certificate.

It was through learning the science involved in the Oxygen Advantage that I realized I had dysfunctional breathing.  Now it made sense, that I had to work so much harder than others to achieve the victories in martial arts and how I always seemed to be training with one injury or another.  I feel now that I need to pass this knowledge on to others so that they might achieve their goals more easily and with less injury.  I am obsessed with the power of the breath and am constantly learning and experiencing more every day.

My focus is to work with athletes to help them improve their performance, training and recovery but also with children to help them control their emotional state as well as to improve their learning potential.  I have worked with both through the years teaching martial arts and fitness and feel confident that this is where my strength lies. 

Using the Breathing techniques from the Oxygen Advantage has brought my meditation practice to another level and the added side bonus of improving my health isn’t to shabby either.  I believe that these breathing techniques are a great way to introduce someone to a meditation practice.

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