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With over twenty years’ experience as a soft tissue massage therapist; personal trainer and martial arts instructor; I have been continually working on and learning about the human body.

I pride myself on looking outside the box; I understand the source of an issue is rarely where the pain presents, but it wasn’t until my son encouraged me to read The Oxygen Advantage, that the bigger picture emerged.

I had some understanding about relaxation and breathing, but was amazed that my son, a trained circus performer, who had been diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years earlier, was able to resume running, using the exercises in the book.

I am myself an open water swimmer, swimming in the sea throughout the year. I read the book, put the evidence-based exercises into practice, and I too experienced improvements on not only my physical health but also it gave me a much clearer mental clarity and mood.

There is no doubt in my mind that this method works for high level athletes, as well as those just simply looking for a better quality of life.

If you are curious about ‘The Oxygen Advantage’ method, please contact me for an appointment. I am available for face to face, group sessions or online coaching.

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