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Jason Donaldson


Jason is a human performance coach who can help you optimise your health and fitness to live a high performance life.

If you truly want to be fitter, faster, healthier, more resilient, more productive, better at managing stress… a better version of YOU, Jason can help.

Jason has been a Coach in the human performance space for over a decade. He has helped people worldwide achieve the results they desire. From elite national and international athletes, Special Forces soldiers and corporate executives to stay-at-home mums and dads, office workers and tradespeople.

Jason is an adaptable, practical, no BS individual who is able to relate to people from all walks of life. A former Police Sergeant with 20-years operational experience, Jason is all about developing physical and mental fitness that works for you outside of the gym. Fitness that supports your life, work, sport… real fitness.

Jason is presently the Director of Training and Operations at Power Speed Endurance, an Unscared Inc company and a certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.